Killer Show at the Mohawk House

What a slammin’ night we had this past Saturday night at the Mohawk House!  What can we say – we LOVE playing the Mohawk House.  If you’ve never been there, you owe it to yourself to check this place out.  From the word go, the place was packed with people ready to dance and have a good time.  We mixed up the set list a bit for this show and pushed the pedal to the floor from the first song.  Shortly after we started, people began to hit the dance floor.  Before long, the whole place was hopping.

We added a few new tunes that made their debut for this show;  Abbe’s Dancing Queen as well as You’re the One That I Want from the Grease soundtrack both went over HUGE!  People were dancing and singing along to every word.   Both these tunes will definitely be staples for us going forward.

We’ll be back at the Mohawk House on May 20th.   We hope you’ll come and join the party.

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