Month: March 2015

NYC & NJ Wedding Band Promo Video

It’s finally done. We had been talking about doing a new wedding & private event promo video for over a year. But our busy schedules both with the band and our own personal lives and careers always seem to get in the way. Eventually it became clear that it was an absolute must as we felt that our old promo video just did not accurately represent what the band has grown into.

We researched several options for doing the video but one name kept coming up – EKO Productions. We pulled the trigger, booked the date, and recorded the footage for the video on January 4th, 2015. It took a bit longer than expected to go through all the footage and pick out the parts that would ultimately make it into the final cut. But the wait was well worth it.

We’re super proud of the way the video came out. We hope you enjoy it too.

Take a look for yourself:

 Please visit the band’s wedding page for more info: